In the state of Louisiana we are considered the go to state out of all 50 states for home inspection standards and regulations.  You can rest assured that in Louisiana the home inspector will be diligent and well trained. Many states don’t even require the home inspector to carry a license.

Home inspections are one of the most critical parts of the deal.  I recently found in a home inspection that a few beams in the roof had been cut to fit in a fireplace! A $375 cost saved my client $10,000. Think about that for a moment and tell me you wouldn’t rest easier with a home inspection. Finding flaws in a home is inevitable. When you find them is up to you. Hiring a home inspector is the only way to rest assure that you will find them before you go to the closing table.

There is so much more to say about a home inspection but, I’ll save it for our meeting.

Whatever the questions or concerns you are having about the condition of your future home a home inspector is the answer.