If I only had a dollar for everytime someone said to me they wanted to put an offer on a house before they listed their home I'd be well off. When they have the cash or the home they live in is paid off then there is no problem. However, most of the time it's a person who's afraid their home will be the fastest thing that sold since I've been a Realtor that they will be out of a home and in limbo waiting to move in to the home the put an offer on. First of all the process of that is impossible. If you were to put an offer on a home today and right after sign a contract to list your home there is no way on this green earth your home will close before you close on the other house. It takes time to market it and show it to the world and they go over and look at it and look at it again and look at their options and then look at it again and then sleep on it and then talk to their Realtor and their lender and there mom and dad and friends and, and.... Okay I know I'm being a little silly it seems but that is just my experience. I know your friends and neighbors that came over for a party said if you ever sell your house give me a call cause I love it and would buy it in a heartbeat...........but......that's right up until you actually sell it. Supply and demand always trump how much people oooh and awe over your home. Next time someone says they'd buy your home in a heartbeat just say it's for sale you want to buy it now and then wait for the pause...... Trust me they won't buy it. Well let me at least say this, the chance of getting struck by lighting is better. People search the internet and they know the market like the back of their hand before they buy. When someone are a lot of someones say they'd buy your home in a second it's just a kind way of saying you have a lovely home. It's not them saying they've been searching and know the market and are ready to put an offer in. That being said, if they are in the market and you just happen to know that maybe throwing them an offer will go somewhere but it's highly unlikely. Most people think that if I find my dream home couldn't I just put a contingency on it that states I have to sell my house first. No, it has become a very uncommon practice and it is so damaging to  the actual seller that listing agents including myself go against the practice. Now on the other hand, if you do list your home and get a buyer it is very common practice to accept their offer contingent of you closing on the home you are interested in. That will guarentee you that you'll have a place to live up to the closing of your dream home. Never be afraid to list your home. Call me so we can sit down to discuss your market and the best price to set for your home. P.S. Realtor get on average 20% more than for sale by owner so that ought to easily cover those Realtor fees and give you some extra cash in hand.