Are you going to rent or renting now and wondering if buying a home is right for you? Sometimes renting is the only option or the only one that is logical. On average $13,000 is spent every year on rent. You'll never see that money again. If you owned your own home you'd have at least knocked down the total and one day you'd own the house. However, there are a few reasons a person may need to rent rather than purchase a home. One reason may be because of a temporary job. Why would anyone buy a home if they are relocated for a position that is only intended to last a few months to a couple years? Another reason may be because you're credit score is too low. If that is the case get with me cause we can work through that together. In the mean while it's understandable that you have to do what you have to do. Another reason for renting that is nearly inevitable for some is they've gotten to an age that they just can manage the upkeep and are living in a retirement community.  If you are not one of these then you need to get out of that rental and into home ownership. Give me a  call and we can discuss 100 percent financing.