Investing in real estate can be very lucrative if done right. Investing takes more understanding of the market than most people think. It takes a lot more than turning a dump into a palace. For starters, the investor should know the purchase to after repair market value difference. In other words, you need to know the amount you take home after you turn the dump into a palace.  Location, Location, Location will always be a factor and there is NO way to get more than market value. Your Realtor should do their homework and give you the numbers that you can safely walk away with after you purchase your investment. Many people see a home and think with the mindset of pricing that we have when we price a car. A 2014 four door V8 (truck of your choice) fully loaded with all the bells and whistles should price extremely close to an exact model. Houses do not work that way. Why? Because your buying or selling the location, the convenience to work, the schools, atmosphere, the restaurants, the safety, the smells, the sights, the sounds and everything else that comes with the location. The price of that depends on the demand. How bad does everyone want it and how many available slots are there? If you are looking to invest and want some advise on where to start then give me a call. Let’s sit down over some coffee and discuss when, where and how to get started. Happy Investing!!