Lately it seems everywhere you turn bad news is being broadcasted. The people seem to take to social media and run with it. The local news channel posted a new round of layoffs hitting our area. The crowd of experts (insert sarcasm) on social media got together and determined that the housing market was crashing and that our new governor was to blame. Honestly, no matter what side you are on that is pretty silly. One commenter posted that new construction was completely halted and no one was building. He went on to rant that this past year was horrible in house sales compared to the one before. By the way, I looked at his profile and his job was sandblasting, but I was actually more blown away at how many likes his uninformed comment received. We really need to stop letting bad news stories put an entire blanket of despair on us, our dreams and our future. Most of everyone congratulated me, but honestly some couldn't believe I was opening my business in "such a desperate time as this". Well I can talk optimistic about the housing industry, but let me supply some FACTS.

3318 homes sold in Lafayette parish in the last past year to date.

3283 sold from 1/28/2014 - 1/28/2015 (the year before)

200 houses sold in the last month to date

191 houses sold from 12/28/2014-1/28/2015 (same 1 month span 1 year ago)

683 houses sold in the last 3 months to date

741 houses sold in the same 3 month span one year ago this time.

226 new construction homes sold in the last 3 months

249 new construction homes sold in the same 3 month span this time last year

There are some slight changes to the market but nothing like what social media sandblasters/real estate gurus are saying. Negativity, whether a fabrication or true, has a ton of power over people. It cripples people with fear and stifles dreams. People wait to buy their dream home just to see if their job is next or not. People hold off on opening companies or just neglect themselves the simple pleasures of buying a nice dress at the store. Believing the negativity has way more power than the actual problem. Don't let anyone's fear of the sky falling hit you in the head and stop your dreams and plans. Tough times come and go.

Steven J. Desormeaux

Dream Home Realty