So, you're ready to sell your home.  If you are not well knowledged of the market and have the ability to stay informed, then you will more than likely be 1 of the 88 out of 100 "for sale by owners" that do not sell.

Hopefully I can start you off with a few tips that get your home sold!!

Tip 1......Hire a Realtor....LOL.... I'm sorry to be so straight forward, but it truely is the fastest, most profitable, and less stressful way of selling your home.

As I stated in the beggining, 88 out of 100 "for sale by owners" DO NOT sell their homes themselves. Unless you have time to show your home at the drop of a dime, know how to work with first time home buyers and keep them interested and get them through the mountain of financing, do open houses, market it to every realtor who is working with a buyer that fits for your perticular home, work with the lenders and closing attorneys to make the deal happen on time, negotiate the deal without loosing it, work through the appraisal and inspection period and so much more, you will end up 1 of the 88 that do not sell.  It is a lot more than just putting a sign in the yard. A qualified Realtor on average makes $46,000 more for a seller than they would have made if they had listed it themselves. Why? Because exposure equals speed, and the number one killer of equity is a house that stays on the market. The average home sold by a "for sale by owner" was $184,000 and the average home sold by a Realtor was $230,000. The sad thing was these were comps. The reason for this is in the beginning "for sale by owners" put their home on the market for an average of 20% higher than homes that comp knowing they will accept less but say ''I'll just try it for a while''. Buyers jump when they see a home come up on the market that they haven't seen inside. Then if they see it's priced too high, they run. Buyers are like metal, and the price is like a magnet. The closer you get the price to market value, the more buyers you attract. Unless you are an expert at all of these things and have the time to do them, I do not suggest listing your home "for sale by owner".