For obvious reasons there are only three things the seller has really any control over and that is the first three. Price is the biggest factor and has to be considered when discussing  the other four factors. You can’t change the location and the financing is up to the buyer. However, you can help them out somewhat with some closing costs. Price needs to be looked at on many levels. It’s not enough that you know what your neighbor sold his/her home for. Price has to also reflect the competition. If  6 homes comparable to yours sell every  6 months and there are 10 on the market then you need to be one of the six and not one of the 10. Also just because your neighbor listed their house for $300,000 and it sold doesn’t mean it sold for asking price. Condition is always a factor. Do yourself a favor and come ride with me before you put your home on the market and lets go and see the competition. You need to excite the buyers five senses; sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Go and take a look at the competition so you know what it takes to do it better. Remember, I can give the advice but no realtor will clean your house, cut your grass and make your beds. These are all factors that can make or break a deal. Next is marketing, and that is both the seller and the realtors job. Of course, it’s my job mostly but, the more people know about your home being for sale, the more showings you’ll get so, tell everyone. What will help us tell everyone is that we have the most clicked on website in the world amongst all of our competition. Location, I always say “it is what it is” and you can’t change it. Where you live is where you live and the prices are the prices. If you have a home that is an exact replica of a home on Destine Beach but you live next to garbage disposal company well the price you set needs to reflect that. Last but definitely not least is Financing. Financing isn’t your problem but, if you hire a realtor to sell your home who doesn’t understand all the ends and outs and a first time buyer comes in that can qualify for the home you may end up missing a great deal if the buyer is uneducated. BTW, nearly all first time buyers are uneducated on financing. Will you be able to sit with that buyer that comes in and assure them that they can be financed and walk them through all the steps it takes? There is a mountain of information concerning financing and preparing a contract. Make sure the realtor you use is an expert at both. Of course negotiating is another skill that fits in to the sell of the home but if all of this is taken care of then negotiation comes easy. This is simply a basis for understanding the length of the home selling process. Put all the worry into the hands of a professional.