Are you thinking of buying up? Are you afraid of selling because the market won’t give you what you think your current house is worth? No worries! There is a hidden benefit to buying up in a down market! Most buyers buy somewhere around $100,000 higher when they buy their second home. When a market has a drop, the decrease can be seen in percentages. If you are living in a $100,000 home and it had a drop of 10% you lost $10,000 on the sell of your home. Simple enough right? If you are part of the average buyers who buy up by nearly $100,000 you would be buying a home valued at $200,000. During the same time period that 10% drop affects all homes so you will be buying a home that during a stable market would run somewhere around $220,000. Now I hope you know I’m giving you an estimated idea and not an exact science but, you can rest assure that if you are buying up in a down market you are not losing out you are gaining? I recommend getting with a market professional to know when and where to buy to best see results like this.